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Good evening! Honoured to announce DRN New Year’s Eve performance with ‘Tram 69’ and ‘Justin Lavash’ supporting, this December 31st, 2018 in PRAGUE at ‘Palac Akropolis’, with a complimentary Champagne Toast at Midnight! We are selling only 400 tickets through the Link Below and since posting to our Networkers and Caravan Pages yesterday there are now 338 tickets available. This will be an ‘ALL AGES’ event so bring your families! Please Note anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian and will be not be served alcohol at the bar. Doors will be at 7pm with ‘Justin Lavash’ on at 8pm, ‘Tram 69’ on at 9pm, and DRN hits the stage at 10:15pm to 12:05am to ring in the new year. The venue will be open until 4am with DJs performing funk/soul music in the smaller bar, and Classic Rock music in the lounge area. TICKET LINK – Hotel suggestions in the area are below, from 2 Star Hostels to 5 Star Hotels. All hotel suggestions have many vacancies at the moment. Also there are many options on Air BnB which you can search on your own. We will be creating an event page next week with travel to and from airport suggestions, with tram, bus and subway recommendations and reposting updated Hotel links throughout the coming months until the venue is sold out. We sure hope you can join us in this beautiful city to ring in 2019! This performance will mark myself taking a year off from doing any solo and Trio performances so it will be a pleasure to have you all there to end this year with a bang! Thank you Graeme Purdy Bell for the artwork, Dario Nikzad for the link, and Anders Gustafsson for live photo and Kateřina Bláhová for preparing all the Hotel Links! Hostels + Hotels ** Chili Hostel Prague 1;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggJCAlhYSDNYBGg6iAEBmAEFuAEHyAEN2AEB6AEB-AELkgIBeagCAw;sid=4c7cb0e0ea3ae3d5befd3128c6ebc83a;atlas_src=sr_iw_title;checkin=2018-12-31;checkout=2019-01-01;dist=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;nflt=class1class2;no_rooms=1;room1=AA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1516554803;srpvid=29e279092d8e049f;type=total& Hostel Seven Prague 7;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggJCAlhYSDNYBGg6iAEBmAEFuAEHyAEN2AEB6AEB-AELkgIBeagCAw;sid=4c7cb0e0ea3ae3d5befd3128c6ebc83a;atlas_src=sr_iw_title;checkin=2018-12-31;checkout=2019-01-01;dist=0;group_adults=2;nflt=class1class2;room1=AA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1516554982;srpvid=29e279092d8e049f;type=total&..

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Today inked the contract for DRN performing in Prague for New Year’s Eve 2018 at ‘Akropolis Palac’! We are honored to have our good friends ‘Tram 69’ supporting the evening. Thank you Lubos and Aliska for the meeting today, and Robert from the bar for making this all come together! Ticket Link will be up before the weekend and more announcements soon Dario Nikzad Martin Tidmarsh Ian Kelosky Dan Pred Brion James Melvin Brannon Jr. Rob Daiker Janne Skip Sandin

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Back when DRN was a club band playing all the venues in Portland, Seattle and everywhere in between, two gentleman, Michael Mavrolas and Marlon L McClain, took our music under their wing and produced and financed our first EP entitled ‘Breathless’. Today I’ve heard Michael, who we all called ‘Mav’, has suddenly passed away. His boundless passion for music and for life was always a joy to witness, to be immersed in, and his talent and commitment to helping so many artists over the decades is something to truly admire. Mav had a wonderful sense of humor and a great ear for songs! I remember in the studio he was always air drumming, or acting out the guitar riffs, focusing on the melodies, and when Mav smiled and nodded approval you knew you were on to something! ‘Breathless’ paved the way for us getting our record deal and eventually seeing the world through music, and working with Mav and Marlon I experienced producing methods I have carried with me ever since. We will be forever grateful for his faith in our music, for his great spirit, and our thoughts are with all his family and friends at this most difficult time. Fly home safe, Mav… Thank you, sir, for changing all of our lives for the better.

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Photo by Wendy Williams. Our final bow in Leeds last month supporting Extreme 🙂

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