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Had a very inspiring video shoot yesterday with DRN and now preparing for our last two shows on the US tour! Tomorrow night in Seattle at ‘El Corazon’ with the always mighty ‘Thadillac’ opening and special guest ‘Intisaar’ also on the bill! Then on to Portland for our show at the ‘Star Theater’ on Saturday with the talented ‘One from Many’ opening the night! Thank you Brooke Lizotte for the assist! We are also shooting a live video of the new Brion James song on the album entitled ‘Who’s gonna Save the World’ at the Seattle performance. Hope to see you all there! Much gratitude to Scott Adamo for the airplane hanger hook up, to Clint and all the A/V crew, Seth and Conner on camera, Kerry Bechtol on lights, and Kristy Kummer-Pred for doing our catering for the shoot yesterday, and to Victoria and Paul from the hanger, our deepest gratitude to taking good care of us. It was an honor and joy to work with you all!

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And the adventure continues after a heart warming show at ‘The Whisky’ last evening! Thank you to all those who attended and made for a great return to LA! Love and gratitude to Kerry Bechtol, David Moncrieffe II, Bryan Kelley, Ted Shred, Art Ford, Lisa Schultz Michael Mavrolis, Malin Hedlund and Kent the Bike Building Master!, Marlon McLain, Sherri Berger Kovan Scott Bohall Max Wasa Natasha Espiedra Kotaro Mori, Una, Dave, Eugene Thomas Erlikh Cameron, Manda Mosher, Katy Bechtol and family, and so many more friends that traveled great distances from Florida, Las Vegas, and even all the way from Paris to be with us last night! It was a joy to see so many familiar faces and dear friends and some of your comments after the set were most humbling. Our gratitude to Jay, Andrew, Larry, Sam and Ronald from the club who treated us with great respect. It was an honor to play your legendary venue! And finally thank you to Nancy for doing the merch and for the photo below πŸ™‚ Next up for DRN next Friday in Seattle at ‘El Corazon’ and ending the tour in Portland at ‘The Star Theater’ next Saturday. To all a most inspiring weekend!

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Tonight! 11pm showtime. All ages. The Whisky on Sunset! Hope to see you all there πŸ™‚

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Heading to LA now for our show tomorrow night at ‘The Whisky’ and Sending out our love and gratitude to everyone who attended the performance last evening at ‘Mexicali Live’ in New Jersey! Special thanks to Tag Gross and Diana Lane for making the show happen! Loved the venue, the food was next level and your hospitality by all the staff was fantastic… and Tag, seeing your smile throughout the set was magic. Thank you to Clayton Ellis for your set, and I have to say that ‘Tempt’ was the real deal, guys! You have the talent, drive, songs, and genuine humility it takes to navigate and succeed in this world of music… and it was a true honor to share the stage with you! Love to Julianna Elezi and Marsela Kalbaj again for doing the merch, you both are very sweet and caring souls and we appreciate your help! Rick Elezi Shpresa Hope Michael Smitty Smith Nancy Priscilla Brad Heisler and all those that came out to support was a blessing. Finally our many thanks to Jason L Webb, Eric Miller and Todd Thanhauser for making sure we got to the gig and back home to the hotel safe and sound. We are so very fortunate to have friends such as you in our lives. And to the REM crew… You guys rock!

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New York! You rocked our world last night πŸ™‚ We now head to Teaneck, NJ for the show tonight with the awesome ‘Tempt’ on the bill at ‘Mexicali Live’. What an honor it was to return to Manhattsn after 25 years to a sold out show and so many happy souls! We are already looking forward to returning in the future which thanks to all of you who attended will indeed happen. Our deepest gratitude to Derek Shulman Dan Mackta Kenn Richards for putting this show together and all your work on behalf of DRN. Kerry Bechtol for working the lights!, Shpresa Hope Rick Elezi Eric Miller Chris and Sandy Hall Michael Smitty Smith David Ungar David Leach John Mazzacco Drew Murray Erin Riley Jason L Webb Marsela Kalbaj and Juli for doing the merch wonderfully!, Matthew Paul Buccheri Tim Borgqvist and friends, Brian and friends that drove 16 hours to be with us, all the good souls from Honduras, everyone from REM who always bring such good energy! Speaking to everyone afterwards was most humbling and we feel truly blessed to be back πŸ™‚ Last but not least many thanks to Grace, Lisa, Sebastian and our soundman Bill from the venue… Your hospitality and kindnesses were unmatched. photos by David Bagel Ungar Brian Jones and Julianna Elezi.

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