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Excited that DRN is returning to NEW YORK CITY next month for our warm up club show at ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ in Manhattan with the great ‘TEMPT’ on the bill on THURSDAY, May 10th! This is a small venue with a 150 capacity so please come join us in this intimate atmosphere and let’s raise the roof! Then on SATURDAY, May 12th we will be recording live with an audience at our NYC ‘Studio Sessions’ event at ‘The Power Station’ for which there are now only 3 tickets left! Thank you NYC for supporting this gathering Then we travel on to PORTLAND, Oregon for our home town ‘Studio Sessions’ event at ‘NIA Studios’ on FRIDAY May 18th and ending our US journey performing at ‘Dante’s’ on SATURDAY May 19th with ‘Mother Island’ from Italy supporting the evening! These will be our only US dates in 2018 and we hope to see you all there TICKET LINK for ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ on May 10th in NYC – TICKET LINK for ‘Dante’s’ May 19th in Portland – For TICKETS to the NYC or PORTLAND ‘Studio Sessions’ all day recording events and more information on these unique experiences please visit the EVENT PAGE here –

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Just finalized the Stockholm DRN ‘studio sessions’ event for mid July… And it looks like we will be doing another session between Christmas and New Years Eve in ‘Berlin’ at the studio David Bowie recorded at during the Cold War! Beyond excited Stockholm ticket link will be up by this weekend and stay tuned for more information on Berlin!

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Thrilled to announce our Summer DRN Tour dates in Sweden and the U.K.! These will be our only shows this summer and we will be honored to see you all there! Looking forward to doing another ‘Studio Sessions’ in STOCKHOLM where you are all invited spend the day with the band as we record a new single, re-imagine an old favorite track, share a meal and end the day with an unplugged concert. Ticket link for this event will be up late next week. Also excited about playing Sweden’s ‘Peace and Love Festival’ as well ‘Steelhouse’ in Wales and the ‘Cambridge Music Festival’ and ‘The Rock and Blues Festival’ in England. We will also be sharing the stage with the mighty ‘Electric Boys’ at ‘Torp’ in Avesta, Sweden and DRN will be visiting other great cities thought this beautiful country Can’t wait for July! Ticket links and more information will be available next week at ‘’ Rock the Future! Photo by Anders Gustafsson and graphic design by Graeme Purdy Bell.

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Dan Reed Network Live Studio Day Portland -

Just a little over a month before DRN returns to NYC and Portland for these two ‘Studio Sessions’ live recording events in May and we are honoured to be recording two new singles and re-imagining a couple of our older tracks with all those who are able to attend! For those who wish to attend we invite you to come hang with the band for a day, watch our recording process, share a meal, and end the evening with an unplugged concert! There are 6 tickets left for the session at ‘The Power Station’ in New York on Saturday May 12th, and 32 tickets out of 100 left for Portland on Friday May 18th. Thank you all for supporting these new recording ventures. Our event in Manchester on December 1st was simply awesome and can’t wait to recreate the vibe on the East and West Coast soon! If you are not able attend either of these gatherings, we will be performing at ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ in Manhattan on Thursday May 10th with the talented ‘TEMPT’ supporting the night, and in our home town at ‘Dante’s’ in Portland on Saturday May 19th. We hope to see you all soon… and thank you for listening Event Page Link – Video Promo from Manchester, England ‘Studio Sessions’ – Ticket Links – NYC Saturday May 12th – Portland Friday May 18th – Photos by the amazing ‘Amanda Rose’ and graphic by Graeme Purdy Bell for ‘Planet Twig’

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