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DRN is coming to Sweden and the U.K. in July, with an added show in Goteborg with ‘Sign by Sound’ supporting and our first shows in Varberg, Jonkoping, and Visby in over 20 years! We hope to see you all there, and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with the Electric Boys at ‘Torp’ in Avesta, and some other great acts at the festivals in Sweden and the UK! Photo by Anders Gustafsson and design by Graeme Purdy Bell

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Tickets R Still Available Come on Y’all & Lets get it! See U there!

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21 Tickets Left for the Saturday July 14th ‘Stockholm DRN Studio Sessions’ event! Thank you so much for the supporting this gathering with the audience attending to be a part of the band recording a new single and re-imagining a classic DRN track 🙂 This is an all ages, all day event with dinner provided by ‘Noel’s Mediterranean Cuisine’ and ending the day with an unplugged concert where we will do our best to field your song requests! If you are interested in attending please go to the ticket link below, or to learn more about the Session visit the Event Page listed below. The boys in the band and myself hope to see you there! Ticket Link – Event Page –

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Thank you to all those who have gotten tickets for the DRN ‘Studio Sessions’ event in Stockholm on Saturday July 14th! There are now 48 tickets left available and me and the boys hope to see you there This is an all day event where the audience is part of recording a new single from the ground up and also will play a role in doing background vocals on both the new song and a classic DRN track, share a meal with the band, and then end the day with an unplugged concert taking your requests. These events in the UK and in the US have been some of the most memorable musical gatherings in our career and are so looking forward to rocking Stockholm during the Swedish summer! Let’s rock it up

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Major props to Mr. Rob Daiker for essentially building a recording studio in two weeks for the Portland DRN ‘Studio Sessions’ and then performing while engineering at the same time. Much gratitude to Mr. Jeff Stuart for making it happen! It is an honor to work beside you on this life journey, Rob. Photo by the talented Amrik Kerketta

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